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Mailbox vs Inbox

When Mailbox came out of IOS, I loved the simplicity of the app. It allowed me to do something with every email to get my inbox to zero. The biggest thing that I did with Mailbox was snooze messages and Mailbox made this very easy at it gave me nine simple options; Later Today, This Evening, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week, In a Month, Someday, Desktop, and Pick Date. If I was not replying to an email right now, then my favourites were This Evening, or This Weekend.

Mailbox was later bought by Dropbox, which was concerning for me, but Mailbox has continued to improve and integrate into Dropbox. For example, now, if you connect Dropbox to Mailbox, when you set up a new client, the first thing you do it connect to Dropbox and then you Mailbox connections are populated.

What was Mailbox missing? For me, the biggest thing that Mailbox was missing was a web client that allowed me to process my messages like I would on my phone or tablet. They have come out with a desktop client for Mac and it is ok, but I would simply prefer a web based client.

And then, Google introduces Inbox. When Google introduced Inbox, it sounded like Mailbox, but with a web interface and on the surface, this was pretty much what Google built into Inbox. Inbox allowed me to process my email quickly and get to zero inbox, but it is not quite there.

First, Inbox on my phone is basically the same as Inbox in my web client. I love this feature, because when I am working at my desk, I do not want to have to answer email on my phone and you know, sometimes it is easier to answer emails on your computer versus answering them on your phone. This feature alone is almost the only reason that I use Inbox, but I am beginning to see too many issues and not enough innovation from Google to make Inbox better, so far.

Inbox does have Reminders, which seems like an early todo list manager, but again, not enough innovation here to get me to look at replacing Todoist as my task manager. Another interesting feature is something Google calls Highlights, which are tracking notifications for items in your email. Say, for example you order something on Amazon and you get a notification in your email with the tracking number of your shipment. Well, Google will then Highlight when the package will arrive. Another interesting feature that needs some work.

My biggest complaint is that it is not easy to delete messages in Inbox. You need to select them and then go into a menu to find the trash. In Mailbox, delete is always there in the main menu and a long swipe deletes a message. Clean and simple.

The next issue is when snoozing an email, you have a limited amount of choices from Inbox. You have; Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Someday, Pick date & time, or Pick Place. Yes, I do like the “Pick Place” option as it works very well, but I am missing my favourite choices from Mailbox and the way the Mailbox formats the choices.

Finally, Inbox only work with accounts. I have several Google accounts and I can only use Inbox for It seems very limited. I keep looking to get to one email client and Inbox is not going to help me.

So, for now, I am going to switch back to Mailbox for all my Google accounts and see if Google puts some innovation into Inbox. I know that Inbox is early in its development and I am holding out for the promise of something better from Google.