Monthly Archives: March 2014

Goodbye Remember The Milk, Hello Todoist

I have been using Remember The Milk (RTM) to track my tasks and reminders for several years. I even paid for it. I love how simple and flexible RTM is. I love the iPhone app. The app follows the simplicity of the web app. Everything that I can get in the web, I can get in the app. I define a search on the web, it shows up on the app. Beautiful!

With all the beauty in the RTM, RTM has one major flaw. It works horribly across timezones. I have never been able to use the RTM when I switch timezones. Tasks scheduled for today show up at a certain time during the day and when they repeat, it makes them even worse, and I start missing to do things because of the lousy support of timezones.

For the most part, I do not travel, but right now, I am traveling a lot across timezones and I am going to give up RTM, because it can not handle the timezones. So, I am trying a new task manager called Todoist. Todoist is the closest to RTM that I have found in a long time. The web interface is simple and the app matches the simplicity. I am currently struggling with how to set up repeating events, but getting the hand of the language that Todoist uses.

Todoist does support timezone shifting and does an okay job with it. It is not perfect, but 100% better than RTM. When I use the app, or web, in a new timezone, it asks if I have changed timezones and I can accept it. After accepting it, I sometimes have to sync my tasks once or twice before they show up for that timezone as if nothing happened, but it does get it right.

I am only a few weeks into Todoist, but with my travel across a few timezones, Todoist is clearly a winner over RTM.