Monthly Archives: August 2013

iOS 7 Beta 5

iOS 7 Beta 4 was here later than expected and then iOS 7 Beta 5 was here before I could even fully experience iOS 7 Beta 4. Either way, both Betas are improving the stability of iOS 7. I am enjoying the clean look and the nice icon changes in iOS 7 Beta 5 to make it even cleaner.

Please remember, this is a beta and stuff may not work as you expect. I am just letting you know what I have found for your information only.

So, what has improved for me, well, here is my list.

  • In iOS 7 Beta 4, I was able to start answering phone calls! Yea! I am glad that was fixed. It was just annoying.
  • In iOS 7 Beta 4,¬†Fantastical stopped crashing when I wanted to view items on my calendar.
  • In iOS 7 Beta 5, Skype is back and working. I could always use it for calls, but now I can get my messages on my phone.

Things that are still a problem.

  • Line2 has a problem with I make my initial call. I do not get my options to mute, hold, enter digits, but this problem is only with the first call. My second and third calls are fine. Strange bug.

New issues for me.

  • theScore, which I use to track my favourite sports teams, will not even start in iOS 7 Beta 5. I even deleted it and re-installed it and no luck.

Somewhat related issues.

  • When iOS 7 Beta 4 came out, Apple released a beta for iTunes and I lost my ability to use AirPlay within iTunes, except from an Apple Remote on my iPhone, where I can select my AirPlay device and then I get the ability to select AirPlay devices in iTunes until I set it to my computer and it is gone again.

I am so happy with iOS 7 Beta 5, I have taken the daring step of installing it on my iPad. I use my iPad more for business, so this is a big step for me. I am appreciating the look and feel more on my iPad after installing iOS 7 Beta 5. So far, it is going well.

Remember, this is a beta, use at your own risk!