iOS 7 Beta 3

iOS 7 Beta 3 came out two weeks after Beta 2. It was a welcome upgrade to Beta 2. Apple has continued to improve on iOS 7 and I again I warn people, this is a Beta and is expected to have issues. From Beta 2, the following has improved, or fixed:

  • Contact searches are working! You can search for a contact, edit it, and then search for another contact! Yea!
  • You can not access the first item on your lists! This is helpful on your phone favorites list – now I can call my wife on her cell phone.
  • iMessage is working between beta devices. I could iMessage my wife, but not my daughter, who was running beta 2.
  • Travel time to your next meeting has shown up on the notification screen. I have always seen how long it will take me to get home, but now I am seeing travel time to my next meeting.

Stuff that is still not working:

  • I still can not look at Skype messages. Like before, it crashes when you try to look at messages.

Other issues:

  • I use Line2 to make VoIP calls on my iPhone. When I make a call within Line2, I have lost all my options to mute, hold, keypad, etc., but when I receive a call, I have those options. Very strange. Update: if I place a call, hang up, and call back, I get my phone options. Stranger.
  • Instead of the standard calendar, I use Fantastical. I love the way it lays out my day, and the easy to adding events. In beta 3, I can not open an event. Anytime I click on an event, the app crashes.
  • Answering phone calls is a challenge. When a call comes in and I answer it, I get two calls; one answered and one on hold, though I can not talk to anyone, nor switch the calls. So, for now, I end up calling the person back.

Overall, a much better experience!

Remember, this is a beta, use at your own risk!

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