iOS 7 Beta 2

I have been using the latest software from Apple for my iPhone – iOS 7. I started using it with beta 1 and beta 2 has been out for a few weeks now. Yes, it is early to use, it crashes, but I do love the changes that Apple is making in the software. The look and feel is fresh. There are a lot of little things that I love, like:

  • The new control screen. I can easily turn on and off things like Bluetooth, Wifi, and Airplane mode with one swipe up and click.
  • The updates to the notifications screen. The new main screen shows the weather, your next appointment, and the traffic to get to the next appointment and the rest of your calendar for the day.
  • The app switcher. I love the full view of the running app and swipe to kill and that you can get to the app switcher in landscape mode! Very cool.
  • The look and feel of the Apple apps are much cleaner. I like the new calendar, but still like Fantastical better.
  • The 3D look. When you tilt the phone, the icons appear to be floating over the wall paper.

Does everything work? Of course not. Here are some of the things that do not work for me and I only list them as a warning to people upgrading. I am sure they will be fixed in later versions, or updates to the apps.

  • Contact searches. Yes, they work, but after you search for a contact, you can not do anything else until you kill the contacts and go back in. This happens when you use the phone and search for a contact as well.
  • Problems with the first item on the list. Sometimes, there is no way to select the first item on a list, like in your phone favorites. The first item is below the title. This is fun when I am trying to call home from my phone (my first favorite).
  • Skype messages. Skype calls work, but do not look at your chat messages because the app crashes every time.
  • LastPass with Google Authenticator. There is no way to enter your Google Authenticator value when you log into LastPass. This is painful right now, because when I need to enter a password for an app, I need to go to another computer and then type in my complex passwords.

I am sure there are other problems, but nothing that I can pin down right now. Yes, it does randomly crash, like yesterday while on the phone, it crashed, I missed a bit of my call, but everything came back after a few seconds – even the call!

I am looking forward to the improvements that Apple will continue to make with the software!

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